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Our Story

Our Story Yes Coffee was established in 2012 by to help underprivileged people in Thailand . This concept was inspired by the work that a missionary , Horace Grant Underwood (1859-1916) did to help people in Korea. The Yes Coffee Roastery began by supporting a school which provides Burmese migrant children access to education in Thailand. Since then a line of Yes Coffee shops have been opened, that provide the best experience of our 100 % organic Arabica beans in a comfortable environment. Often the children of Burmese migrant workers miss out on receiving an education. Sometimes this is because their parents are unable to send them to school or afford the fees. Yes School was set up to give Burmese migrant children access to education and good prospects for further education and better jobs. Yes School currently has 60-70 children from 4 years to 15 years old and 3 Burmese teachers. The school focuses on language and communication skills and also offers other subjects including mathematics, English, Thai and the Burmese languages, and studies on the culture of different ethnic groups. In addition , students are also taught Christian principles. Yes school issues a certificate of education once the children have completed their studies, which opens door for further study in Thailand or Myanmar . With Yes Coffee profits supporting the Yes school each month, every time you buy a coffee, it helps keep those school doors open.


20/8 M.1, Tambon Rawai, Muang Phuket


Level 2, Public Concourse, Domestic Terminal, Chiangmai Airport, Muang Chiangmai